oil bottles with herbs and black stones

As this is the first of many blogs on Marvel Oils, I thought it fitting that we begin at the beginning.

There are so many wonderful oils out there that it is hard to know where to start. If you have recently discovered the fabulous world of liquid gold, you may have a lot of questions. Questions like: What’s the best cooking oil? Which oil is the best for my skin? Or even: What is the most versatile oil?

If I was forced to choose just one oil (heaven forbid!) I would go for Coconut Oil. Hands down, it is the most versatile oil for cooking, baking, skin, hair, nails and health. There are 101 uses for Coconut Oil, both in the kitchen and out, and it is even great for pets. Coconut Oil is a high-energy food that feeds your brain and keeps you healthy. As a saturated fat, it is much more stable than vegetable oils in cooking. It’s easy to digest and helps raise metabolism, so is one of the best fats for weight loss, especially that nasty, dangerous belly fat.

The Good Fat

Don’t let the term ‘saturated’ put you off – before canola, soy, sunflower and the other vegetable oils were invented, everybody ate saturated fats and cholesterol was not a dirty word, and whad’ya know – people weren’t keeling over from heart attacks in great numbers. That only came later. Before 1920, heart attacks were extremely rare but it only took 30 years for them to become epidemic, round about the same time it took for those vegetable oils to muscle in and push out the competition.

Good fats, like Coconut Oil, butter, lard, tallow and Palm Oil are things you could make in your own kitchen as long as you had the raw materials. I challenge you to try making soy or canola oil – it’s just not possible without heavy machinery.

If Coconut Oil peaks your interest, take a look at The Complete Book of Coconut Oil

Look out for the next blog: Choosing the Right Coconut Oil