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Well, to be honest, in the beginning, nothing much! In fact, your hair is likely to be a bit limp and sad looking for at least the first few washes. It probably won’t look or feel particularly clean either. At this stage, you might think that this no ‘poo lark is all a load of baloney and begin to pine for your toxic commercial shampoo. Hang in there though because it does get better.

Think about how many years you have been using shampoo and how many chemicals you have slathered all over your scalp on a regular basis. Switching to an entirely natural system of hair care takes a bit of getting used to because your hair, scalp and mind set need some time to adjust.

What you will miss

First off, you’ll miss the sudsy lather which makes you think your hair is getting a really good cleaning when it is actually being stripped of its natural oils. Then you’ll miss the silky soft feeling of conditioner which is only achieved with things like plasticizers and silicone – poor substitutes for the micronutrients that your body produces all on its own to protect, nourish and condition your hair.

The good news is that if you stick it out for long enough, your hair will feel great. You will get so used to the process that you won’t want to look back. A couple of months into my no ‘poo routine, I ran out of my trusty bicarb and really needed to wash my hair. I decided to just use the shampoo I had left but you know what? I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bring myself to put that stuff on my hair again, so I didn’t.