how to shave with coconut oil

I use Coconut Oil for just about everything – I eat it, put it in my coffee, on my oats, in my hair, on my skin, I cook with it, use it to take off make-up, feed it to my dog – I have even polished furniture with it – but for some odd reason I had never used it for shaving my legs. This is strange because shaving and I have never been best friends. My skin is quite sensitive and tends to react, even if I use a nice, new sharp razor.

Anyway, my husband suddenly got it into his head to try it (for his beard, not his legs!) and I decided, what the heck, let me try it too.

The verdict? Oh my hat! It is awesome. My legs felt velvety smooth, soft and calm – there was no hint of itching, irritation, dryness or redness. My hubby was very pleased too and seeing as he has a beard of steel, this was quite impressive.

Here’s the drill:

In the bath or shower, make sure your legs get a good soaking in hot water.

If your Coconut Oil is solid, just use a small chunk and spread it over one section of leg at a time. If the weather is hot enough for the Coconut Oil to be liquid, pour some into a small dish and use your fingers to smear it on.

Shave that section and repeat until you have done the whole leg. Just make sure you rinse the blade frequently in hot water so that it doesn’t get gummed up by the oil.

The best thing is that the Coconut Oil forms a protective layer over your skin so that when you get out of the bath, you don’t even need to moisturise.


Have you tried this? Let us know what you think.