Cosmetic Recipes

Cosmetic Oil ImageHave you ever asked yourself these questions ? How do I look younger and more beautiful ? How can I get a head full of shiny, healthy hair ? How can I simplify my beauty routine ? How do I avoid toxic chemicals ? How can I spend less money on beauty products and still get great results ? Well, Nature’s Pharmacy has got you covered in Marvel Oils. Did you know that some oils can replace every single product in your bathroom cabinet on their own ? Now take a couple of oils and combine them with everyday ingredients and you have a synergistic recipe that can knock the socks off anything you can buy in a box or a jar. Whatever your skin, hair and nail issue – there’s a Marvel Oil, or two, or three, or a dozen that can sort it out. The best part about it is that you don’t need fancy equipment to make the best cosmetics on the planet. Plus, you will know exactly what goes into your products and you won’t be wondering what all those ingredients listed on the packaging of commercial cosmetics are doing to you and your health. You know the ones that you can’t pronounce and that read like a science experiment ? You can save money, have some fun and get real results from natural oils by following our collection of recipes that have stood the test of time.

Food Recipes

Food Oil ImageWe invite you to live a little by browsing our food recipes using Marvel Oils and cooking up a storm. Take a taste adventure, try something new and transform your health at the same time. Marvel Oils do double duty by adding interesting flavours, textures and aromas whilst acting as functional foods so you can eat your way to health and wellness. Some oils, like Coconut Oil, are great for everyday cooking. Other, more expensive and exotic oils, like Marula, Hazelnut and Hemp are a great way to add a dash of glamour to ordinary ingredients without breaking the bank because generally, a little goes a long way.

Medicinal Recipes

Medicinal Oil ImageMedicinal Oils come straight from nature to you. They don’t have side effects like drugs, they have side benefits.Drugs are designed to target one metabolic pathway and bludgeon it into submission. Even if they succeed in ‘curing’ the disease, you always have to deal with the inevitable fallout from the man-made toxins which are foreign to your body. Medicinal oils, on the other hand, are much more elegant because they are recognised by the body and so they play a supportive rather than combative role and work with your systems to help you heal. Oils are complex collections of phytochemicals that plants use to protect themselves against bacteria, viruses, and fungi and to facilitate healthy cell turnover and growth. We can use these phytochemicals for the same purposes, after all, that is what they are there for. The hard work has been done for us, all we have to do is dip in and partake of these natural gifts. For centuries, people the world over have explored the medicinal qualities of Marvel Oils – use their experiences to heal yourself and your family by using our recipes.