Ginger preserves and GlacĂ© ginger – sugar free
Make either ginger preserves or glacĂ© ginger – sugar free
    • 1cup water
    • 1/2cup honey
    • 1cup fresh ginger rootthinly sliced
    1. Place the honey and water in a saucepan and stir to dissolve. Add the ginger slices and bring to boil.
    2. Simmer on low until the liquid reduces and the ginger takes on a golden colour.
    3. If you want to make preserved ginger, pour the whole mixture into a jar.
    4. For candied ginger remove the pieces from the saucepan and place in a sieve to drain off the remaining syrup.
    5. The remaining ginger infused syrup can be kept to use as a sweetener for tea, drizzled as a topping for muesli or ice-cream.
    Recipe Notes

    This method could be used to make candied citrus peels as well.