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Grow Organic Vegetables without a Garden

So you know fresh fruit and vegetable consumption is important for good health right? And by now you must know that organic fruit and vegetables are superior in nutrition to the conventional variety. Laying your hands on organic produce is problematic though. Firstly, it is generally expensive and secondly, unless it comes fresh and dewy [...]

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How to Make Red Cabbage and Carrot Sauerkraut

Don’t be put off at the thought of making your own sauerkraut. It’s pretty easy to do, is way healthier and tastier than the commercial variety and if you use red cabbage, looks fantastic too! It will last for months and months in the fridge, however you probably won’t get to confirm this small fact [...]

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Amazing Uses for Kefir

Kefir grains, whey and milk are all ridiculously versatile and healthy. From fertiliser to hair conditioner, you can use them for a multitude of purposes. If your kefir doesn’t turn out the way you want at first (quite a common occurrence) or if you have left it to ferment too long, don’t throw it out [...]

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Kefir – Second Fermentation

We are not finished with kefir yet because you can improve on its flavour, digestibility and nutrient contents by making a second fermentation! Instructions for basic kefir A second ferment does not taste as sour as the first and has less lactose in it because the active bacteria gobbles it up. This process also increases [...]

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I seem to be on a bit of a probiotic drink roll here. First the kombucha, now kefir. If you are not familiar with this cultured milk product, let me introduce you to one of the most probiotic and nutrient rich foods. The consistency of the kefir beverage is somewhere between milk and drinking yogurt, [...]

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Infused Oils – Make Your Own

Oil infusions sound exotic and complicated but they are surprisingly easy to make. An infusion is simply a way of capturing the oil soluble components of plant material in a suitable oil base. You can then use the concoction for culinary or topical applications. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the classic base for herbs like [...]

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