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Healthy Homemade Fig or Date Newtons

They’re soft, yet crumble when you take a munch. Almost like the real thing - minus the refined sugar. These little treats are fulfilling and there’s plenty of nutrients packed in figs and dates. The addition of honey is mainly for the sweet toothed;  I don’t think it’s necessary since date and fig fillings are [...]

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Almost Ferrero – Healthy Chocolate Balls

To be honest, they don’t look much like Ferrero, or even come close in terms of ingredients, apart from the cocoa - but they’re not far off in taste.  Affordable, easy, yummy, and best of all, healthy. They’re clean Ferreros. I managed to get 16 balls out of this recipe, but if you want them to last [...]

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Grow Your Own Sprouts

Sprouts are incredibly easy to grow and you don’t need fancy equipment. You can start with a simple jar and a few seeds. There are an amazing variety of seeds that can be sprouted, from sunflower seeds to broccoli seeds, lentils and mung beans. It’s better to start with the bigger variety until you get [...]

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Grow Organic Vegetables without a Garden

So you know fresh fruit and vegetable consumption is important for good health right? And by now you must know that organic fruit and vegetables are superior in nutrition to the conventional variety. Laying your hands on organic produce is problematic though. Firstly, it is generally expensive and secondly, unless it comes fresh and dewy [...]

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Infused Oils – Make Your Own

Oil infusions sound exotic and complicated but they are surprisingly easy to make. An infusion is simply a way of capturing the oil soluble components of plant material in a suitable oil base. You can then use the concoction for culinary or topical applications. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the classic base for herbs like [...]

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