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The Complete Book of Coconut Oil


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The Complete Book of Coconut Oil, the second book in The Marvel Oils series, tells the story of Coconut’s journey from hero to zero and back to hero again. It shows you where to use it, how to use it and perhaps more importantly, why you should be using it. There are 101 ways to get Coconut Oil into your life but only one reason to do it – it works.

Eat it, cook with it, add it to your coffee or oatmeal, put it in the bath, on your hair and slather it all over your body. There is really nowhere that you can’t put it and get some benefit. Coconut Oil is the best thing since sliced bread but a whole lot healthier. Whether you want to lose weight, protect your arteries, reverse cognitive decline or sort out that bothersome dry skin or eczema, Coconut Oil is the answer. People the world over are catching on to the world’s healthiest oil and loving it. Warning: Coconut Oil is addictive – once you start using it, you will never want to be without it ever again.


Coconut oil is a true comeback kid. For thousands of years it has been a staple in the diet of tropical cultures all over the world. These people, by and large, are slim, trim and healthy when they stick to their traditional diets. In southeast India, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, coconut oil is still the most used cooking oil. Nowadays, however, depending on who you speak to, it is either the healthiest oil in the world, or an artery-clogging death sentence. The past few decades have been very dark ones for coconut oil but, as they say in the classics ‘You can’t keep a good man down’  and coconut oil is enjoying a rebirth. From useful, to dangerous, to megastar… coconut oil has had a bit of a rocky ride but is now on its way to the top. The Complete Book of Coconut Oil will show you why it should remain there.

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  1. aisharansley

    A review from one of our Facebook followers, thank you Pat Schroder.

    ‘I downloaded both the Marvel Oils, Argan and Coconut Oil books and can not wait for the third!!! So interesting and I love the cosmetic and culinary recipes!!!’

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