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The Complete Book of Black Seed Oil


The Complete Book of Black Seed Oil is the third in the Marvel Oil book series. The first book deals with the entirely exotic and wonderful Argan Oil, the second with the formerly much maligned and now celebrated Coconut Oil. Every Marvel Oil has a fascinating story to tell and Black Seed Oil is perhaps the most fascinating of all. Whilst Argan Oil is expensive and comes from only one place in the world, so needs to be used sparingly, Coconut Oil can and should be used lavishly. Black Seed Oil falls somewhere in between. It is a medicinal oil that should be consumed in small quantities but on a regular basis to get the most benefits.

This book covers the story of Black Seed oil, from some 4000 years ago to the present. It describes the plant and the seed, unravels the mystery of its many confusing names, presents the medicinal uses of the oil and the scientific research behind them and provides cosmetic and culinary recipes.


Black Seed oil is a bit of a conundrum. It is one of the most celebrated herbal remedies in the east for everything from asthma to stomach aches and fatigue yet it is relatively unknown in the west. Touted for centuries as a panacea for all diseases, yet you might not even have heard of it. Why not? Part of the reason for this is that Black Seed has been in disguise. It goes by many different names, both in English and in other languages – black cumin, fennel flower, black onion seed, black sesame, love-in- a-mist and nigella sativa are just a few of the many labels given to Black Seed oil. Most of these are misleading, some are just plain wrong.

Another reason for Black Seed’s obscurity is that it is not a quick fix, ‘magic bullet’ kind of remedy. It requires regular use in order to work in two ways. The first is by bolstering the human immune system and the second is by calming the immune system. When it stimulates the immune system, it helps us fight harmful microbes and when it calms the immune system, it helps us quell the fires of inflammation, the root of many modern diseases of civilisation. This one-two punch tactic is very effective against cancer, obesity, diabetes, parasites, heart disease, flu and almost anything you want to throw at this amazing natural substance. Scientific studies are constantly showing us that the “Blessed Seed” can hold its own against modern drugs – without all the nasty side-effects. It is a natural gift and one that we should accept with open arms. Discover its secrets in The Complete Book of Black Seed Oil.

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