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The Complete Book of Argan Oil – eBook


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The Complete Book of Argan Oil is the first book of the Marvel Oils Series. It covers the history, production, uses and benefits, as well as cosmetic and culinary recipes, of the world’s most expensive edible oil. The ‘Berber secret’ hails from the arid region of southwestern Morocco and is made from the fruit of an ancient but endangered tree that grows only in this region. For centuries, women have produced the oil to safeguard their skin, hair and nails from the harsh climate and as an essential part of their diet. Argan oil has almost miraculous healing and protective qualities for both internal and external health. Could Argan oil be the most versatile oil on the planet? It is not only the new darling of both the cosmetic and culinary worlds but it is also a scientific enigma. Researchers have only just begun to unravel the mysteries of why and how Argan oil can help with diseases such as diabetes, heart disorders, cancer and arthritis.


What is “liquid gold” and what do Madonna, Jamie Oliver and Sophie Dahl do with it? Also known as green gold, the oil of 100 virtues and miracle oil, Argan oil has attracted superlatives and fans in equal measure, from the hairdressers to the stars to the chefs in the best restaurants. In the pages of The Complete Book of Argan Oil, you can find out why celebrities use it on their skin and hair and why cosmetic companies are falling over themselves to get it into their products. You’ll also find a section of cosmetic and culinary recipes.

Read the story of this remarkably versatile oil which comes from an extraordinary tree that grows wild in only one place in the entire world, south-western Morocco – a dry, harsh landscape that would be barren if it were not for the Argan tree. The ancient tree has learnt to adapt to hot windy days, cold nights and very little water. Despite these hardships, or perhaps because of them, the Argan bears fruit, which contains the rarest and most expensive edible oil on earth.

The gift of the Argan tree is a healing, nourishing, hydrating, moisturising oil that can also be regarded as a functional food. With an exotic flavour and an impressive array of nutrients, Argan oil is unlike any other oil. It is loaded with antioxidants, phytosterols, vitamin E and a multitude of other compounds, some of them unique. Regular consumption can safely lower blood pressure and cholesterol, protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer and arthritis and treat chronic diseases like diabetes. It is anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory, both in the body and on the skin. The Complete Book of Argan Oil reveals the Berber secret to radiant and youthful skin, shiny hair and vibrant good health.

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3 reviews for The Complete Book of Argan Oil – eBook

  1. aisharansley

    This 5 star review is from a customer of where our book is also available:

    “Good data – good book. Learning about the subject and it’s cool. Not done with it yet, but it is definitely answering my questions. – I am updating my review after having read the entire book and reviewed it numerous times – the book is excellent and anyone interested in Argan oil owes it to themselves to read it. It is just solid and very informative.”

  2. aisharansley

    A review from one of our Facebook followers – thank you Pat Schroder.

    ‘I downloaded both the Marvel Oils Argan and Coconut Oil books and can not wait for the third!!! So interesting and I love the cosmetic and culinary recipes!!!’

  3. Christine (verified owner)

    I just finished reading The Complete Book of Argan oil and although I already knew about it being amazing for hair and skin, I had no idea that it could be eaten and that it had healing properties. I found the history and procurement and processing of the oil to very fascinating. Learning about the tree itself and its environment was eye-opening. The protection of the tree and its oil and the rights of the workers is so commendable and was a joy of which to read. All I can say is this would be a beneficial oil for all of us to be using in our lives.

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