Shea Terra Organics Certified Organic Tamanu Oil (2oz)

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Shea Terra Organics Certified Organic Tamanu Oil (2oz)


100% Pure, Cold pressed, Virgin Tamanu Oil

Nothing Added. Nothing Taken Away

Perfect for acne, wrinkles, dry skin

Production of virgin Tamanu Oil protect the Vohibola Forest in Madagascar

Concentrated oil not cut with cheaper oils


100% Pure, Virgin, Cold Pressed, Certified Organic Tamanu Oil is an ancient remedy for acne, burns, cuts and insect bites. Dr. Oz Show even had a segment on tamanu oil for the use of acne. Our pure, concentrated, uncut Tamanu Oil is the perfect solution for aging skin. It decreases wrinkles and boosts the retention of moisture. Shea Terra Organics Tamanu Oil is great for all skin types because it helps to even out skin tone. Although it works wonders on aging, dry and maturing skin, it also works wonderful on oily skin to normalize oil production. Use nightly under the eyes decreases wrinkles and darkness due to pooling. Shea Terra Organics brand of 100% Pure Tamanu Oil is valued for its purity and effectiveness. Freshly pressed in Madagascar, our Tamanu Oil is flown into the US to maintain freshness.


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