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Let us show you how to make your own non-toxic home cleaning products

Natural Pest Control for Ants

There’s nothing like starting your weekend with a massive ant infestation in the kitchen. I was informed rather early in the morning that we had a bit of an ant problem down there. There were thousands of them milling around, travelling in droves towards the bathroom or making ant highways up and down the walls. [...]

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Naturally Clean: Laundry Mousse

We covered DIY washing powder in a previous blog but here is a recipe for a gel-like detergent using the same ingredients. You need more space to store this but it dissolves like a dream so there’s no chance of white spotty residue. I was expecting a gel but mine came out like frothy [...]

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Naturally Clean: The Big Guns

In most cases, natural cleaners like vinegar, bicarb and lemon juice do a great job for everyday messes but what about the seriously grimey stuff? Do you have to resort to commercial chlorine bleach? Thankfully no because there is a magic combo of natural ingredients that knocks the socks off of any toxic chemical preparation [...]

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Naturally Clean: Oxygen!

Yup, oxygen. Germs, bacteria, stains, mold and mildew don’t like it but plants, humans and pets do. So how do you go about cleaning with oxygen? Hydrogen peroxide, of course. Hydrogen peroxide is chemically known as H2O2 – in other words, water with an extra oxygen molecule. When you use it by spraying it on [...]

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Naturally Clean: Laundry

As we all wear our clothes against the skin, it makes sense to find natural solutions for cleaning and softening them. Washing clothes with natural alternatives is fab! I always thought that the preparation would be tedious and expensive but I was wrong on both counts. These recipes are quick, easy and cheap. You can [...]

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Naturally Clean: Anti-stress Citrus Cleaner

You know vinegar is great for cleaning right, but if you add some citrus peels to the mix, it gets even better. This recipe calls for steeping peels in white vinegar for a few weeks. The oil from the peels leaches out into the vinegar to make the most awesome cleaner. Citrus oil is a [...]

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Naturally Clean: Lemons

What could be more natural than a lemon? Not only do lemons smell amazing, they have all sorts of uses in the chemical-free home, from sanitising to bleaching, cleaning, odour busting and grime removal. Try these tips for lemon cleaning: Still using bleach? Why not substitute 1 cup of lemon juice? Lemon juice is kinder [...]

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Naturally Clean with Borax

Borax is wonderful stuff. It’s one of those old time cleaning stalwarts that fell out of fashion because it doesn’t come in a fancy container or have slick advertising on TV. It’s a ‘plain Jane’ cleaner like baking soda. Despite its lack of glamour, borax works. It is a naturally occurring, multipurpose, odourless crystalline powder [...]

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Naturally Clean with Egg Shells

Going green to clean is fine until you meet the really tough stains that won’t budge, like the build-up in pots, pans and oven or the grime that collects at the bottom of the bird bath. Here you need to bring out the big guns and use something abrasive. Before you reach for that environmentally [...]

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Naturally Clean with Baking Soda

I had a bit of a zen experience in my bathroom the other day whilst cleaning the tub -  I kid you not. It was probably the first time in my life that I felt anything but displeasure when engaged in a bit of housework. I have been slowly transitioning to a chemical-free existence but one [...]

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