Medicinal Oil Image

Medicinal Oils come straight from nature to you. They don’t have side effects like drugs, they have side benefits. Drugs are designed to target one metabolic pathway and bludgeon it into submission. Even if they succeed in ‘curing’ the disease, you always have to deal with the inevitable fallout from the man-made toxins which are foreign to your body. Medicinal oils, on the other hand, are much more elegant because they are recognised by the body and so they play a supportive rather than combative role and work with your systems to help you heal.

Oils are complex collections of phytochemicals that plants use to protect themselves against bacteria, viruses, and fungi and to facilitate healthy cell turnover and growth. We can use these phytochemicals for the same purposes, after all, that is what they are there for. The hard work has been done for us, all we have to do is dip in and partake of these natural gifts.

For centuries, people the world over have explored the medicinal qualities of Marvel Oils – use their experiences to heal yourself and your family by using our recipes.