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Strength & Shine Hair Oil

Strength & Shine Hair Oil - - Hemp Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Bay Oil, Lavender Oil, vitamin E, Mix all ingredients together and apply the oil before shampooing. Lightly massage it into the hair and scalp. ; For maximum effectiveness, leave for at least 30 minutes with your head wrapped in a warm towel.; - [...]

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Roll-on for Acne & Blemishes

Roll-on for Acne & Blemishes - - Black Seed Oil, Tea Tree Oil ((1.25 ml)), Lavender Oil ((1.8 ml)), Lemon Oil ((0.5 ml)), Vitamin E, bottle with roll-on top ((10ml capacity)), Put the Black Seed Oil into a bowl. ; Add the essential oils, one by one, mixing well after each addition ; Add the [...]

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Anti-Stress Blend

Anti-Stress Blend - Massage Oil - Hemp Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Tangerine essential oil, Petit Grain essential oil, Vitamin E, Combine all ingredients in a 100 ml bottle and use for massage.; Note: You can substitute Sweet Orange or Lavender Oil for the Petit Grain.; -

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DIY Luxurious Regenerating Body Oil

Pamper yourself with a luscious homemade body treatment. Our quick and easy recipe deploys the powerful skin rejuvenating properties of Argan oil; detoxifying and toning benefits of Hemp Seed oil, and just a couple more marvellous ingredients to create a simple, effective, DIY natural beauty product.

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Hand & Nail Oil

Hand & Nail Oil - - Hemp Seed Oil, Almond Oil (sweet) , Lemon Oil, vitamin E, Mix the oils together, add the vitamin E and pour into a small glass bottle. ; Massage the mixture into your hands and nails every night before bedtime.; -

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