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Recipe for Glacé Ginger or Ginger Preserves

Ginger preserves and Glacé ginger - sugar free - Make either ginger preserves or glacé ginger - sugar free - water, honey, fresh ginger root (thinly sliced), Place the honey and water in a saucepan and stir to dissolve. Add the ginger slices and bring to boil.; Simmer on low until the liquid reduces and [...]

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Ginger Beer with Fresh Ginger Root

Ginger Beer with Fresh Ginger Root - - fresh ginger root ((9oz)), lemons, white sugar, cloves ((whole)), cream of tartar, boiling water, instant yeast, Peel and slice ginger.; Grate lemon skins and extract juice.; Add sugar and zest to ginger.; Crush ginger into mixture.; Add boiling water and stir until sugar melts.; Add cream of [...]

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Recipe for Medicinal Ginger Tea

Recipe for Medicinal Ginger Tea - Especially effective for relieving the symptoms of colds and flu. - purified water, fresh ginger root, turmeric, small pot, black pepper, honey (to taste), lemon (juiced), Peel and slice the ginger root; Put water, ginger and turmeric into the pot; Bring to the boil and simmer for about 10 [...]

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