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Salmon with Mixed Vegetables

Salmon with Mixed Vegetables - - fresh salmon, zucchini ((courgettes)), carrots, broccoli, green beans, Lemon, fresh coriander ( (cilantro)), butter, Argan Oil, salt, black pepper, paprika, Season salmon with salt, pepper and paprika, then drizzle a bit of Argan oil over it. Wrap in parchment (baking) paper and place in oven at 200 °C for [...]

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Green Bean & Brazil Nut Salad

Green Bean & Brazil Nut Salad - - green beans, red pepper, fresh coriander, sesame seeds (toasted ), brazil nuts (chopped ), Brazil Nut Oil, balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard, sea salt, black pepper (freshly ground ), Top and tail the green beans and steam lightly until just tender. Transfer to a shallow [...]

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Cherry Tomato Salad

Cherry Tomato Salad - The Argan Oil in the dressing gives this salad a delicious aroma. - cherry tomatoes (fragrant and ripe), preserved lemons, fresh coriander ((cilantro)), cumin ((ground)), Argan Oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper (to taste), Wash the cherry tomatoes and dip them in boiling water to ease the removal of the skins. [...]

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