Avocado – Banana Hair Conditioner

Avocado - Banana Hair Conditioner - - avocado (ripe), banana, egg, Olive Oil (extra virgin), honey, Peel the avocado and cut into cubes. You can either blend or use a fork to mash into a thick paste (I had to use a blender since my avocado wasn’t ripe and still hard).; Mash banana and mix [...]

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Chicken Parmigiana

Chicken Parmigiana - - chicken breasts (boneless ), egg, milk, dry bread crumbs, Avocado Oil, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, spaghetti sauce, salt & pepper, garlic (grated ), red pepper flakes, Heat oven to 180° C.; Flatten chicken breasts by pounding them and then season with salt and pepper. Whisk egg and milk together in a [...]

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