Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Are your eyelashes looking a bit thin, sparse and brittle? Do they fall out a little too often? The chemicals in make-up can dry out lashes and false eye lash glue can make them break off. What about your eyebrows – do you have annoying little gaps in them or do they seem to be disappearing as you grow older? Don’t worry, help is at hand! You can use Castor Oil to restore those lashes and brows to their former glory.


Castor Oil is an oft forgotten, old school remedy for hair regrowth. The fatty acids in Castor Oil are very nourishing to hair. They help keep moisture in by coating and protecting the hair shaft. The oil penetrates deep into the follicles and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Castor Oil is also antimicrobial, so it prevents hair loss from fungal and microbial infection.

Here’s how:

Buy some organic, cold pressed, hexane free Castor Oil. You could just use a clean fingertip or Q tip to apply the oil but the best solution is to take one of your old mascara wands and its tube and give them a good wash and rinse. When they are both completely dry, fill the container with a bit of the Castor Oil.

The best time to use the Castor Oil is last thing at night, just before you go to bed and after cleansing your face and eyes. Make sure you remove all your makeup. Now gently brush your eyelashes from root to tip with the Castor Oil as if you were putting on mascara. Give your brows a brush over too. Remove any excess with cotton wool. In the morning, wash the oil off with warm water. Regular use will show results.

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