Soak your feet in ginger water for pain relief from varicose veins, arthritis, stiff muscles and aching joints. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, it’s a good way to soothe your tootsies. It’s also useful for people who suffer from cold extremities, especially in winter, as ginger is a warming spice. If you have a cold or the flu, a hot ginger foot bath will ease the symptoms. Do it just before bedtime for a good night’s sleep.

A ginger soak increases the circulation and helps to move stuck energy. The feet connect energetically to the rest of the body so taking care of them has a positive effect on overall health. Ginger absorbs easily through the skin so you might find you get ginger breath!

What you need:

  • 2 -3 pieces of fresh ginger root
  • Large heavy bottomed pot
  • 3 litres of water
  • One cotton sock (or small muslin drawstring bag)

What you do:

  1. Bring water to the boil in the pot with the lid on
  2. In the meantime, wash and grate the unpeeled ginger
  3. Wet the sock, squeeze it out and pack in the ginger
  4. Tie a knot and as soon as the water boils, turn the heat down and pop sock into the pot
  5. Replace the lid and simmer for 5 minutes, taking care not to boil the water
  6. You should be able to smell the ginger – if not, use a wooden spoon to press the contents of the sock against the side of the pot and simmer for a little longer
  7. Remove the sock and pour the water into a foot bath
  8. Add more water if necessary to adjust the temperature to comfortably hot and soak feet for 20 minutes