We couldn’t possibly fit all the material on the benefits and uses of our collection of Marvel Oils in one place without creating chaos, so we did the next best thing and started putting the information into books. We began with the most important and interesting ones, the ones that are most likely to have the biggest impact on the quality of your life. Of course, all the oils are extraordinary in their own right, but some of them are particularly intriguing and worth a closer look.

The first to be featured in our series of Marvel Oils books is the wonderfully exotic Argan Oil, the ‘green gold’ of Morocco.

Next up is Coconut Oil, so different and almost the polar opposite to Argan, yet as versatile and beneficial to your health and beauty. One you use by the drop, the other by the tablespoon, one is liquid, one is solid, one is gold, one is white. Juxtaposing just these two Marvel Oils gives you an insight into the astounding depth and complexity of plants and what they have to offer us.

But that’s not all folks! The next book will be about Black Seed Oil – the remedy for everything except death.

We wanted to bring you all the evidence, collected from the scientific, historical and anecdotal literature, in such a way that it would be entertaining, interesting and informative. So we have taken the dry science and translated it into edible chunks for your enjoyment.

Join us on this voyage of discovery and let us show you how to: heal naturally from whatever ails you, put the brakes on aging and maintain glowing skin and hair with Marvel Oils.