body brush

If you are interested in an effective and easy way to help your body detoxify, you should try body brushing. The lymphatic system is parallel to the blood system but doesn’t have a heart to move it around. Lymph relies on body movement to circulate and is the cellular waste disposal system of the body.

Stagnant lymphatic fluid compromises the immune system but body brushing stimulates lymph, circulation and cell renewal. It brightens skin and improves cellulite.

What you need:

You need a long handled body brush with natural bristles (no plastic or nylon) which will be used dry. Don’t put soap on it or use for bathing. After use, rinse it well and hang it to dry for the next use.

The whole procedure only takes about 5 minutes.

What you do:

  • Before a bath or shower, brush the skin on your entire body (with the exception of the head) towards the heart.
  • Use long, smooth strokes, covering each area only once or twice at the most. Don’t scrub.
  • Lightly brush the forehead from the middle out and the cheeks from the nose towards the ears. Lastly brush the chin from the mouth down.
  • Brush the neck downwards and then from the tips of the fingers work towards the shoulders. Don’t forget the armpits.
  • Begin at the feet by brushing the soles from toes to heel then up the back of the legs.
  • On the top of the feet, brush from the tips of the toes up the front and sides of the legs.
  • Do the buttocks and hips by working from the middle of the back and around the sides.
  • On the abdomen, work in a clockwise direction.
  • Be gentle at first but as your skin becomes more toned you can use a brisker stroke.