Do you Drink Sole?

//Do you Drink Sole?

Do you Drink Sole?

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Here’s why you should.

Sole, pronounced ‘solay’ is a super saturated salt and water combination that results in an electrolyte and mineral rich solution. You can treat it as a supplement for more energy, proper hydration, detoxification, better energy and pH levels, preventing muscle cramps and as a natural antihistamine. It is also good for the hair, skin, digestive and nervous systems and helps with the absorption of nutrients. Yes, salt. Not just any old salt though – it has to be real salt, not the overly processed white poison that is table salt.

Ordinary table salt is not really salt any more, it is just inorganic sodium chloride, stripped of the 80-odd other constituents present in real salt. It is chemically processed, cleaned and heated to very high temperatures, which changes the chemical structure. It is dead.

Real salt, on the other hand, is an essential nutrient. Sodium is vital to the health of every cell in the body but sodium does not act alone. It relies on the proper balance of other elements, trace minerals and electrolytes present in natural crystal salt. Salt was once more valuable than gold and Roman soldiers were paid in salt, hence the name ‘salary’ given to the monthly stipend.

All bodily fluids, like blood, lymph, sweat, tears, amniotic and cerebrospinal fluid, are salty. Even bones contain salt – 27% of the body’s salt content is in bones. When the body needs more salt, it leaches it from the bones, along with, calcium, resulting in thinner, softer and more brittle bones, aka osteoporosis.

Bones are also 22% water. Obviously you need to drink adequate water but without sufficient salt to regulate it, water cannot get into the cells to hydrate them. The solution to so many ills is more salt.

Learn how to make Sole

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