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It’s the season for colds and ‘flu here in the northern hemisphere and for many people that involves flu shots, antibiotics or over the counter products which may contain ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen, aspirin, or antihistamines.

I grew up at the end of an era when the use of natural cures was quite the norm. Our mother always used home remedies for me and my siblings. Whether it was honey and lemon for a cold, a bread poultice for boils and splinters, the blue bag for bee stings, bicarb soda paste for bites, warm water soak for sprains, mercurochrome or calamine lotion for scrapes and rashes; Mum always had a simple treatment and a large dose of tender loving care <3.

Now, in our modern fast paced world, I often wonder what happened to patience, rest and simply letting the symptoms run their course. In his article Feed a Cold and Starve a Fever? Not on my Watch, Michael Kirsch M.D. poses some fitting questions:

“… And finally, are we so sure that symptoms should be squashed? Why do we treat every fever, for example? Could it be that fever, diarrhea or vomiting are actually bodily defense mechanisms that are combating disease and illness? Could it be that an infected person develops a fever in order to make his body less hospitable to germs or to sharpen his immune system? Why can’t we just slow down and allow our bodies the time to heal?”

Before you run off to get your annual flu shot, I suggest you read the article Influenza Vaccine – Overview of the potential dangers and effectiveness of the flu shot and instead choose safer, natural preventive/immune boosting measures, like getting plenty of exercise, fresh air, sunshine, staying well hydrated and improving your gut health with probiotics.

These recipes and therapies for treating colds and ‘flu are easy to do at home:

Breathe Easy Rub   Massage your abdomen chest and back with this oil blend morning and or evening to protect against respiratory problems that are common in winter.

Germ Slayer   Any time gastro, flu and other winter illnesses are going around protect yourself with this disinfectant hand gel.

SOS Massage Blend  Even when influenza is has set in, this blend of essential oils will help your immune system to deal with the virus.

Immune Booster Bath  This will help to ease aches and calm the body as it fights a cold or ‘flu.

Immune Stimulant   Enhances immunity by increasing white blood cells.

Amazing Medicinal Ginger Tea   Ginger tea is legendary for helping with nausea, stuffy sinuses and sore throats. 

Oregano Oil  is one of the strongest antimicrobial oils, effective against broad spectrum microorganisms and 25 bacteria, including pneumonia. It reduces infection as effectively as traditional antibiotics: Here’s how to use it for  Sinusitis Relief   or to  Beat the Flu’

Water therapy for sinusitis

Homemade Decongestant  To get relief from the stuffiness of colds or sinusitis try this spicy homemade decongestant and expectorant recipe from Everyday Roots.

This recipe from Mommypotamus provides relief for chest congestion and stuffed nose:   DIY All-Natural Vapor Rub

Homemade Cough Drops from Frugal Farm Wife are free of refined sugar and made with all natural ingredients.