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DIY Deodorant

diy deodorant

We covered simple deodorants using single ingredients, but maybe you want to make something a little more fancy, like a cream or a block? It’s easy enough to make either a stick deodorant which is creamy or a spritzer type which you can put in a little spray bottle.

I wanted a solid deodorant but didn’t have an empty stick type container. What to do? I had a bit of a brain wave – if I split the mixture into multiple small pots instead I would have a few mini deodorants. That way, I can keep one out if I want a cream type and keep the rest in the fridge if I want something more solid

I used little pots that are about the same size as lip gloss containers but ice cube trays would also work.

For each pot I used:

How to:

I started by softening the Coconut Oil a bit with a wooden spoon then mixed in the bicarb and the bentonite. I made sure the mixture was well-aerated and thoroughly combined – it had a chocolate mousse consistency. Last, I added the Frankincense and spooned the stuff into the pot. I put it into the freezer for about half an hour. It set into a hard dinky little tablet that I popped out with the help of a sharp knife. The surface was lovely and smooth and the size was perfect for the under arm area. It melts slightly on contact with the skin and softens at room temperature which makes it more of a cream. The cream is ever so slightly gritty but the solid block isn’t.

Here it is before I levelled the top:

pot of natural deodorant

and after it came out of the pot:

natural deodorant disk

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