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2 Easy Coconut Oil Recipes for Weight Loss

  Obesity is on the rise globally. A large part of the problem is the confusion about fats and the ridiculous advice to exchange healthy, natural fats like butter and coconut oil for the toxic, overheated and highly processed vegetable oils. How to eat Coconut oil for Weight Loss The coconut oil weight loss diet [...]

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Make Your Own Soaps

Ever considered making your own soap bars? It’s no secret that commercial products can be loaded with chemicals, so if you’re concerned about what’s going into your skin, the best way to be sure is to craft your own. Apart from cutting down on the synthetic chemicals, preservatives, etc you get to go wild with [...]

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Naturally Whiten Teeth

Tired of toothpaste and mouthwashes - the toxic fluoride, the dodgy chemicals and the ghastly taste? What if I told you that turmeric could whiten your teeth? I thought it sounded outrageous too seeing as turmeric seems to stain everything else but decided to give it a bash. I wasn’t going anywhere and at worst [...]

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