castor oil

Last week I was barefoot in the kitchen and walked straight into the corner of a box, mangling my baby toe in the process – the air was blue. I realised it must be broken because it was sticking out at a weird angle and it was ridiculously painful. I was in the middle of researching Castor Oil and its amazing ability to heal and knowing there isn’t a whole lot you can do with a broken toe but wait it out, I decided to put the oil it to the test.

I wrapped my toe in Castor Oil soaked cotton wool and strapped it to the next toe with an elastic bandage. I have read countless times that castor oil is comforting and I have to say that I agree. It seemed to calm me and the toe down. My wounded digit felt nurtured and cosy. I repeated this with fresh oil before I went to bed some hours later.

Next morning I woke up to a blue foot and a swollen toe but no pain. I wrapped it up again and that evening was gobsmacked to discover that the bruise was gone! There was still a dark blue stripe on the toe itself but the blue on my foot had completely disappeared. Now my experience with bruises is that they start out blue then progress through various shades of the rainbow until they fade away after a week or so.

If I had known the bruise was going to vanish like that I would have gathered photographic evidence but alas I was taken by surprise. It is now day 6 and there is no swelling and I can almost walk normally – the last time I broke a toe I was hobbling for weeks. I can even gently wiggle my toe. Amazing!

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