boy fallen off bike with bleeding leg

These oils heal wounds by increasing new cell growth and by taking care of bacterial infections that would impede the healing process.

Avocado Oil      Camelina Oil      Castor Oil      Coconut Oil      Frankincense Oil      Hemp Oil      Marula Oil      Tamanu Oil      Tea Tree Oil


An abscess is a pus filled mass, extremely tender to the touch and surrounded by inflamed tissue, caused by bacterial infection.

Hemp Seed Oil      Tea Tree Oil


Bed sores, or pressure ulcers, form when prolonged pressure prevents oxygen from reaching an area which causes tissue in the area to die.

Argan Oil      Castor Oil      Frankincense Oil      Hemp Seed Oil      Manuka Oil      Marula Oil Neem Oil


Lesion refers to any break or abnormality in living tissue, in other words, an injury.

Coconut Oil      Tea Tree Oil


Dead skin, foreign material, infection, nutrient deficiencies, vascular insufficiency and illnesses like diabetes can all cause delayed healing in wounds.

Argan Oil      Castor Oil      Frankincense Oil      Hemp Seed Oil      Manuka Oil      Marula Oil Neem Oil      Tamanu Oil      Tea Tree Oil


An ulcer is an open, chronic wound that develops in areas of venous insufficiency, most often in the elderly and diabetics.

Almond Oil      Argan Oil      Castor Oil      Hemp Oil      Manuka Oil Sea Buckthorn Oil