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Acne, characterized by pimples, blackheads and greasy skin is caused by propionibacterium, which are present on everyone’s skin. When they block pores, however, the inflammation leads to acne.

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Atopic dermatitis is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition which presents as an itchy, red rash and may be the result of allergens, temperature extremes or environmental irritants.

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A cyst is an abnormal lump or bump in the skin containing air, fluid or some other substance and can appear anywhere on the body.

Castor Oil     Coconut Oil 


Dandruff describes the chronic condition where the scalp produces new cells faster than the old cells die, resulting in excessive flaking and shedding of skin.

Black Seed Oil     Castor Oil     Coconut Oil     Jojoba Oil     Manuka Oil     Neem Oil          Tea Tree Oil 


Eczema is a broad term used to describe a wide range of conditions where the skin becomes irritated or inflamed.

Acai Berry Oil     Argan Oil     Avocado Oil     Black Currant Seed Oil     Black Seed Oil    Borage Seed Oil     Brazil Nut Oil     Cedarwood Oil     Coconut Oil     Flax Seed Oil    Frankincense Oil     Hemp Seed Oil     Marula Oil      Neem Oil 


Urticaria, or hives, is characterized by a rash of raised, red and itchy welts on the skin as a result of allergy, temperature extremes, stress or a viral infection.

Calendula Oil     Coconut Oil 


A keloid forms where there is an overgrowth of scar tissue and the dense fibrous tissue extends beyond the original wound.

Calendula Oil     Coconut Oil 


Keratosis Polaris, also called follicular keratosis, lichen pilaris or chicken skin, is caused by excess keratin which traps hair follicles in the pores and small white bumps appear on the skin, typically on upper arms, thighs and cheeks.

Castor Oil     Coconut Oil 


Psoriasis is an immune mediated disease that causes raised, red, scaly patches on the skin and for which conventional medicine has no cure.

Acai Berry Oil     Argan Oil     Black Currant Seed Oil     Black Seed Oil     Brazil Nut Oil    Borage Oil     Flax Seed Oil     Hemp Oil     Jojoba Oil     Marula Oil     Oregano Oil    Tamanu Oil 


Radiation induced dermatitis is burning or tissue injury from radiation therapy and can range from a severe sunburn effect to peeling to skin necrosis.

Marula Oil     Sea Buckthorn Oil     Tamanu Oil 


Despite its name, ringworm (or tinea) is a fungal skin infection caused by dermatophytes that are easily spread from dogs and cats to humans and from humans to humans.

Calendula Oil     Castor Oil     Coconut Oil     Neem Oil 


Rosacea involves persistent redness and flushing of the skin and is not related to acne. Bacteria from Demodex Folliculorum, microscopic parasitic mites, may be the cause.

Argan Oil     Borage Seed Oil     Coconut Oil     Flax Seed Oil     Jojoba Oil     Manuka Oil  Marula Oil 


Scar tissue is collagen based connective tissue, which is dense and fibrous so tends to be harder and less supple than normal skin.

Argan Oil     Avocado Oil     Baobab Oil     Frankincense Oil     Jojoba Oil     Marula Oil    Tamanu Oil     Tea Tree Oil 


Seborrhoea is the name for the condition where overactive sebaceous glands pump out more sebum than necessary, resulting in oily skin, pimples, crusts and scales.

Borage Seed Oil     Cedarwood Oil 


Sebaceous, or epidermal cysts, form just under the skin and are filled with a yellow fatty substance when an oil secreting gland ruptures or becomes blocked.

Castor Oil 


Warts are harmless, hard bumps that look like miniature cauliflowers on the surface of the skin, caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

Black Seed Oil     Coconut Oil     Jojoba Oil