Massage is one of the oldest and safest of therapies. It promotes relaxation and improves well-being, helping to reduce levels of stress chemicals whilst increasing the body’s natural killer cells that enable the immune system to defend itself against disease.

Massage can even relieve pain from things like migraines, cancer and other illnesses because it stimulates the production of our own pain relievers and ‘feel good’ chemicals called endorphins. Massage is particularly effective for countering stress, which many experts believe may be responsible for as much as 90 percent of disease! It lowers heart rate and respiration and causes elevated blood pressure to drop which increases attention and alertness.

Human touch is healing and therapeutic but when it is combined with the remarkable abilities of one or more Marvel Oils, the effect is that much more powerful and beneficial.

Almond Oil     Argan Oil     Baobab Oil     Black Seed Oil     Cocoa Butter     Calendula Oil  Castor Oil    Cedarwood Oil    Coconut Oil    Frankincense Oil    Hazelnut Oil    Jojoba Oil  Manuka Oil    Maracuja Oil    Marula Oil    Olive Oil    Sunflower Oil    Tamanu Oil