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Most of the diseases of the modern world are preventable through better diet and lifestyle choices.

Marvel Oils offer a wonderful alternative to medical interventions because they support health in so many different ways, not least of which is helping the body to balance, heal and protect itself.


Acute inflammation is part of the body’s immune response to injury and invasion and therefore part of the healing process. Chronic inflammation, however, is another story and ongoing inflammation causes more inflammation. All of the diseases of civilization, also called lifestyle diseases – diabetes, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, to name a few – have inflammation in common.

Avocado Oil     Black Currant Seed Oil     Calendula Oil     Coconut Oil     Flax Seed Oil    Marula Oil     Olive Oil     Walnut Oil 


An insomniac either has trouble falling asleep or is unable to stay asleep for long enough to feel properly rested which leads to daytime sleepiness, lethargy and a general decline in health.

Maracuja Oil 


Obesity, defined as being 20% over a normal weight, affects every health parameter negatively and in almost every case is related to lifestyle and dietary choices.

Baobab Oil     Coconut Oil 


A little bit of stress is good but the overwhelming “I can’t cope” kind of stress that is so pervasive in modern life is our biggest health threat.

Almond Oil     Cedarwood Oil     Maracuja Oil 


These oils help people lose weight through a number of mechanisms – either by normalizing blood sugar, meeting energy needs or helping to regulate hormones.

Avocado Oil     Borage Seed Oil     Coconut Oil