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Marvel Oils are very versatile when it comes to soothing and healing life’s little accidents. The inevitable cuts and scrapes, burns and irritations can be quickly remedied if you have a few of these marvellous oils on hand.


These oils soothe the irritation and inflammation arising from insect bites through their antiseptic and antibacterial activities.

Calendula Oil     Manuka Oil     Tea Tree Oil 


Boils are deep, localised skin infections in hair follicles or sweat glands that are caused by staphylococcal bacteria. They start out as small bumps and progress to much larger painful, pus filled areas.

Frankincense Oil     Hemp Seed Oil     Manuka Oil     Tea Tree Oil


Repeated friction, heat and pressure sometimes cause a fluid filled bubble to form on the skin, known as a blister.

Manuka Oil 


Bruises form when an area of skin is traumatised and blood vessels under the skin rupture.

Argan Oil     Calendula Oil 


Marvel Oils really are marvellous when it comes to healing burns. These oils help skin to heal quickly by encouraging a process known as cicatirisation – where scar tissue is formed.

Baobab Oil     Calendula Oil     Camelina Oil     Manuka Oil     Sea Buckthorn Oil    Tamanu Oil 


Hangnails are torn bits of skin alongside the nail that form when the skin becomes dry and brittle. Moisturising the skin around the nails with these oils prevents the condition.

Argan Oil     Tamanu Oil 


Hives, otherwise known as urticaria, are an allergic reaction in the skin which results in raised, red, hot and itchy areas that can appear and disappear in different places.

Calendula Oil     Coconut Oil 


To reduce swelling and pain in strains and sprains, apply a gentle massage with this oil diluted in a carrier oil.

Oregano Oil 


Too much sun in too short a time can range from uncomfortable to painful. Natural remedies in the form of soothing oils will take the burn out of sunburn and help skin to recover quicker.

Argan Oil     Marula Oil     Sunflower Oil     Tamanu Oil