cancer cells

Cancer is characterised by abnormal cell growth which can form tumours that develop their own blood supply and spread damaged cells throughout the body, invading and destroying healthy tissue.

Healthy cells are programmed to die but cancer cells deviate from this programming and become active instead. Our bodies take care of cancerous cells all the time via the immune system, which detects and removes damaged and defective cells.

Marvel Oils help protect us against cancer in various ways by boosting the immune system, taking care of reactive oxygen species and reducing the inflammation that is associated with every chronic condition, including cancer. Modern medicine’s answers to cancer are toxic and pro-inflammatory.


Frankincense Oil has been shown to distinguish between cancerous cells and normal cells. It is specifically cytotoxic to breast cancer cells.

Frankincense Oil 


Frankincense oil induces death in bladder tumour cells, decreasing tumour cell growth.

Frankincense Oil 


Pure natural oils are full of the protective elements that plants have developed as part of their defense system against disease. We can use these same elements to protect and heal ourselves from disease.

Acai Berry Oil     Argan Oil     Avocado Oil     Baobab Oil     Black Seed Oil     Coconut Oil  Flax Seed Oil     Frankincense Oil     Oregano Oil 


Argan oil has been shown to decrease the cell division rate in several different types of prostate cancer.

Argan Oil 


Both of these oils come from trees that grow in hot, sun baked and unforgiving environments so it should come as no surprise that they can protect against and heal skin cancer.

Argan Oil     Baobab Oil