Analgesic oils relieve pain through a number of pathways, either by damping down inflammation or by taking care of irritation and infection.

Black Seed Oil     Castor Oil     Flax Seed Oil     Maracuja Oil     Neem Oil                          Sea Buckthorn Oil     Tamanu Oil     Tea Tree Oil 


Antibiotic oils destroy or inhibit the growth of micro-organisms that often lead to infection and disease but without the nasty side effects of man-made antibiotics.

Coconut Oil     Frankincense Oil     Tamanu Oil 


These oils reduce inflammation, either topically or internally, or both. Inflammation is at the root of all modern diseases.

Argan Oil   Avocado Oil   Babassu Oil   Black Seed Oil   Borage Seed Oil   Camelina Oil    Castor Oil    Coconut Oil    Flax Seed Oil    Frankincense Oil    Maracuja Oil    Manuka Oil  Marula Oil     Oregano Oil     Sea Buckthorn Oil     Sunflower Oil     Tea Tree Oil 


These oils are capable of safely destroying a wide range of fungi, which cause many skin diseases and impair the immune system.

Argan Oil     Babassu Oil     Calendula Oil     Coconut Oil     Manuka Oil     Tea Tree Oil


Antimicrobial oils destroy or inhibit the growth of disease causing micro-organisms, including bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi such as mould and mildew.

Coconut Oil     Manuka Oil     Neem Oil     Oregano Oil     Tea Tree Oil 


Antioxidants help control how fast you age by controlling oxidation or the production of free radicals, which are responsible for age related deterioration.

Brazil Nut Oil     Cocoa Butter     Flax Seed Oil     Olive Oil 


These oils prevent the growth of disease causing micro-organisms on the skin which would impede the healing process.

Frankincense Oil     Manuka Oil     Neem Oil     Tea Tree Oil 


These oils destroy or inhibit the growth of viruses which include HIV, influenza and other health destroying viruses.

Black Seed Oil     Coconut Oil     Tea Tree Oil 


These oils energise the nervous and immune systems and provide nourishment that the body can use as a source of accessible fuel.

Almond Oil     Acai Berry Oil     Babassu Oil     Coconut Oil  


Expectorant oils loosen and expel phlegm and mucus from the respiratory tract, either by ingestion or inhalation.

Black Seed Oil     Cedarwood Oil     Flax Seed Oil 


Free radicals age us but they are an unavoidable fact of life as they are produced during normal metabolic processes. Toxins, pollution and stress are additional sources of free radicals.

Avocado Oil     Cocoa Butter     Coconut Oil     Olive Oil 


Oils that boost the immune system help the body to do what it is fully equipped to do, given the right tools and circumstances – heal and protect itself.

Almond Oil     Black Currant Seed Oil     Black Seed Oil     Castor Oil     Frankincense Oil  Hemp Seed Oil     Oregano Oil     Sea Buckthorn Oil 


The lymphatic system is the body’s detoxification highway and the transport route for white blood cells which identify and root out disease and infections.

Castor Oil     Oregano Oil 


Neuroprotectives protect the basic data processing units in the brain, otherwise known as neurons, or nerve cells, from injury or degeneration.

Black Seed Oil     Olive Oil