leopard skin

Whatever your skin type, there’s a Marvel Oil to suit you. Some oils are amazingly adaptable, like Maracujá Oil that can be used on all skin types, from oily to dry.


Ageing skin needs all the help it can get to prevent the moisture and elasticity loss that leads to dry, sagging skin. These amazing marvel oils are the answer:

Acai Berry Oil     Avocado Oil     Baobab Oil     Borage Seed Oil     Brazil Nut Oil    Calendula Oil     Camelina Oil     Cocoa Butter     Coconut Oil     Frankincense Oil     Hemp Seed Oil     Maracuja Oil     Marula Oil     Neem Oil     Sea Buckthorn Oil    Sunflower Oil   Tamanu Oil 


These versatile oils are suitable for any type of skin – the first because it is fine and soothing and the second because it has an exceptionally high vitamin E content and is compatible with human sebum:

Maracuja Oil     Sunflower Oil 


These Marvel Oils are just the ticket for reviving parched skin by supplying much needed fatty acids and by helping to trap moisture inside the skin:

Avocado Oil     Baobab Oil     Black Currant Seed Oil     Cocoa Butter     Cedarwood Oil    Flax Seed Oil     Hemp Seed Oil     Jojoba Oil     Maracuja Oil     Marula Oil     Olive Oil    Sunflower Oil 


Even oily skin needs oil. An overproduction of oil is often skin’s attempt to balance itself out in response to dryness.

Babassu Oil     Castor Oil     Hazelnut Oil     Jojoba Oil     Maracuja Oil 


Sensitive skins need particularly gentle, healing and calming oils with superior moisturizing and protective qualities.

Manuka Oil     Sea Buckthorn Oil     Tamanu Oil