Antioxidants are important to protect skin from free radical damage which leads to aging, collagen break down and wrinkles. These oils have anti-oxidant properties:

Acai Berry Oil     Argan Oil     Avocado Oil     Baobab Oil     Brazil Nut Oil     Cocoa Butter  Hazelnut Oil     Jojoba Oil     Maracuja Oil     Marula Oil     Olive Oil


Chronic inflammation is the skin’s number one enemy and is at the root of all skin problems. Your best anti-inflammatory oils are:

Acai Berry Oil     Babassu Oil     Calendula Oil     Cedarwood Oil     Hemp Seed Oil    Jojoba Oil     Maracuja Oil     Marula Oil     Neem Oil     Sea Buckthorn Oil


Emollients form a protective barrier between the skin and the environment, helping to keep skin soft and lubricated by preventing moisture loss.

Acai Berry Oil   Almond Oil    Baobab Oil    Brazil Nut Oil    Camelina Oil    Cocoa Butter    Flaxseed Oil 


Exfoliation of dead skin cells encourages fresh new growth and helps brighten skin. These Marvel Oils gently stimulate the renewal process:

Avocado Oil     Babassu Oil     Coconut Oil


These oils are particularly skin friendly. They sink in effortlessly, lubricating the deeper layers and locking in moisture:

Acai Berry Oil     Argan Oil     Brazil Nut Oil     Hazelnut Oil     Jojoba Oil     Maracuja Oil    Marula Oil     Neem Oil


 All oils have a healing component. Some work by fighting bacteria and others by stimulating tissue growth or soothing inflammation.

Baobab Oil     Calendula Oil     Hazelnut Oil     Maracuja Oil     Marula Oil     Olive Oil    Sea Buckthorn Oil


Oils hydrate the skin by sinking into the spaces between skin cells where they help to lock in water, especially if applied to damp skin.

Argan Oil     Avocado Oil     Brazil Nut Oil     Jojoba Oil 


The more an oil mimics skin, the less likely it is to cause an allergic reaction because the skin will recognize it as ‘same.’

Jojoba Oil


Non-comedogenic oils do not clog pores so are particularly good for acne prone skin:

Argan Oil     Avocado Oil     Babassu Oil    Castor Oil    Jojoba Oil     Marula Oil    Sunflower Oil


Natural Oils soothe skin in a variety of ways by damping down inflammation, providing protection against microbes, encouraging new cell growth and by supplying nutrients.