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Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Hair Growth & Scalp Health

Tea Tree oil or melaleuca oil is one of those must haves in the medicine cabinet. It hails from Australia where the Aborigines have used it for centuries to treat cuts, burns and wounds. It is one of the most useful oils for first-aid and for the hair and scalp. Tea Tree Oil Benefits [...]

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Natural Dyes for Grey Hair

I discussed reversing grey hair from the inside with nutrients but what do you do in the meantime? It’s all very well waiting patiently until the grey hair (hopefully) grows out and is replaced with something a bit more colourful but I don’t think I have that kind of patience. One option is to relent and [...]

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Why Vinegar for Hair

  In a previous article on natural shampoo, I spoke about rinsing your hair with vinegar. This acts like a conditioner but without all the surfactants and coatings of commercial products. We have all been conditioned (excuse the pun) to think of hair conditioners as thick, slippery and creamy, so using vinegar instead seems distinctly odd. [...]

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What Happens When you Stop Using Shampoo?

Well, to be honest, in the beginning, nothing much! In fact, your hair is likely to be a bit limp and sad looking for at least the first few washes. It probably won’t look or feel particularly clean either. At this stage, you might think that this no ‘poo lark is all a load of [...]

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Beautiful Hair – Naturally

Did you know that your expensive bottle of shampoo promising thick, smooth and shiny hair is probably full of endocrine disruptors, thickeners, foaming agents, solvents, plastic, silicone, preservatives and decidedly unnatural chemical fragrances? It also likely shares ingredients with things like paint, herbicides and putty. The scary thing is that very, very few of the [...]

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