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Healthy Homemade Fig or Date Newtons

They’re soft, yet crumble when you take a munch. Almost like the real thing - minus the refined sugar. These little treats are fulfilling and there’s plenty of nutrients packed in figs and dates. The addition of honey is mainly for the sweet toothed;  I don’t think it’s necessary since date and fig fillings are [...]

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How to Make Sweet Almond Butter

There is nothing fancy about this recipe. The ingredients are some of the most basic. The best, and most surprising thing is that you can barely taste the olive oil. I swapped this almond butter for the peanut butter in my Ferrero copycats and they tasted a lot more authentic. For an exotic twist use [...]

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Almost Ferrero – Healthy Chocolate Balls

To be honest, they don’t look much like Ferrero, or even come close in terms of ingredients, apart from the cocoa - but they’re not far off in taste.  Affordable, easy, yummy, and best of all, healthy. They’re clean Ferreros. I managed to get 16 balls out of this recipe, but if you want them to last [...]

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A Hair Conditioner From Your Kitchen?

Got dry or frizzy hair? Trying to cut costs? Like the idea of a conditioner safe enough to eat? Way too often we fall for hair products with alluring labels like "Nourishing" & "Shine" or even "Natural" which come along with their preservatives and other chemical additives.  While that may not be lethal (in the [...]

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Make Your Own Soaps

Ever considered making your own soap bars? It’s no secret that commercial products can be loaded with chemicals, so if you’re concerned about what’s going into your skin, the best way to be sure is to craft your own. Apart from cutting down on the synthetic chemicals, preservatives, etc you get to go wild with [...]

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For Acne and Skin Problems – Black Seed to the Rescue!

Black Seed Oil - Ancient Remedy for the Skin Not only used in the medicine of the Pharaohs, Black Seed was also a valued beauty aid, used by Cleopatra and Nefertiti who were big fans of the oil. This natural remedy has been in use for 2500 years now, and serves as a great cure for [...]

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