olive oil massage

According to a small study at the University of Sheffield Medical School: “In contrast to sunflower seed oil, topical treatment with olive oil significantly damages the skin barrier, and therefore has the potential to promote the development of, and exacerbate existing, atopic dermatitis. The use of olive oil for the treatment of dry skin and infant massage should therefore be discouraged.”

Benefits of olive oil: Olive oil is still great for cradle cap be sure to choose extra virgin.

What oil to use for infant massage

The best choices are cold pressed organic sunflower oil, almond oil and of course, our favourite, coconut oil.

Baby body massage tips:

Massage is a natural and completely delightful way to interact with a baby. Babies need to be touched, hugged and gently rubbed, so massage is the perfect way to communicate with them non-verbally and to soothe them. Massage helps babies to relax, soothes fussy babies and helps them sleep better and deeper. Infants who get regular massage are less likely to suffer from constipation or colic.

It is also very good for mom, especially if she has postpartum depression. It helps her to develop confidence in handling a new born and facilitates bonding.
Most babies love getting a massage and you don’t need to be a professional to do it, you just need to follow your instincts. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

  • Make sure your baby is warm
  • Don’t do a massage if she is hungry
  • Use long, gentle gliding strokes on the limbs and back
  • Use soft, feathery circular strokes on the abdomen in a clockwise direction
  • Don’t forget to massage the feet and the hands
  • Talk to your baby in a quiet, soothing voice while you massage
  • Be sensitive to your baby’s moods and needs and stop if you sense she is not enjoying it and try another time