jar of milk kefir

Kefir grains, whey and milk are all ridiculously versatile and healthy. From fertiliser to hair conditioner, you can use them for a multitude of purposes. If your kefir doesn’t turn out the way you want at first (quite a common occurrence) or if you have left it to ferment too long, don’t throw it out because you can use all that probiotic goodness elsewhere.


Kefir milk is a great milk / buttermilk substitute. Add it to pancakes, bread, waffles, cornbread and scones. If you have a gluten sensitivity, you are in luck. If you add kefir to the flour and let it stand for a few hours (12-24) it will predigest some of the gluten for you.

Animal health

Feed kefir milk, grains and whey to your dogs, cats and other animals like chickens – they will love it.

Too many grains?

If your kefir is happy, you will be growing more grains than you know what to do with. Give them away or eat them for a quick probiotic boost. If you can’t face eating them neat, just throw them into the smoothie maker or your breakfast porridge.

Alternatively, add them to the compost heap or feed them to your worm farm.

Kefir whey

Use it in place of water in face masks, as a face wash and as a shampoo / conditioner substitute. If you have scalp problems like dandruff, leave it on your hair for 20 minutes or so before rinsing. Kefir is astringent and will help shrink pores.

Kefir whey is a great way to lacto-ferment vegetables – add to sauerkraut and other cultured veg recipes.

Pop it into soups, casseroles, marinades and gravy in place of some of the other liquids.

Water your plants with kefir whey!

Have you got any unusual uses for kefir? Please let us know.